Visit from the Neighbours


Thought you might like to see the man of the house from next door pop by.




Laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) this one is probably the male, though with this breed you can only tell for sure from the tail and when they do their ‘laugh’

Here is a film of the male calling earlier this year.
He is asserting dominance by calling out like this and celebrates with his ladies afterwards


Gay his life must be.



Lovely bird, I wish we had them here.


They are fantastic for our property.

We have a National Park right behind our house and a bay just 150m from the front of the house so this could be a major snake highway… one of the main prey of Kookaburra is snakes so they get gobbled up before they even get down here.


Ha ha! Sure, there is a block of land for sale 2 down from us… but it ain’t cheap.

Here is some drone footage of the National Park at the back of our house and then looking out across the bay from just over our house. If you can put up with this sort of view from your living room window on a daily basis then you should be set!


Wow. You are so fortunate! Impressive drone skills too


Was taking some footage of the wife surfing yesterday… i feel comfortable admitting i have quite some way to go!

It is a nice location and great for an early morning kayak… i only wish i could dive in the bay but it is too shallow and busy with boats


That is such a beautiful area. Great video.