Vitamins box

Hey folks–I’ve been making a bunch of things (gifts) that I can’t really post, but here something practical I did recently. Just a nice looking box with flat fitted lid to keep vitamins and things in, so the kitchen doesn’t look too trashy. I initially made it out of, you know, THAT board, as a prototype for doing it in some nice PG plywood, but I actually like how it turned out enough that I just decided to keep it. I sprayed the project at the end with a matte acrylic spray to minimize the effect of greasy fingerprints.

Cat included for scale (as if I have a choice…)

Forgot to include a link to the graphics I used:


I really like that, especially the veggie line art for the kitchen! (It’s time to lose the tupperware tub I’ve got all the vits and mins in.) :grinning:

Great idea!


great job. it does look good made with the product the will not be named.


With all the cool ideas that you people come up with my house would be all :proofgrade: if I had the time and money.


You and me both, my friend…and my wife thought he Glowforge itself cost a lot of money. Wait till we’ve had it a year and she does line item totals on pr… materials that shall not be named :smile: .


Love the engravings! Very nice box.

Looking forward to making a box for everything!

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That artichoke looks awesome on the lid! Nice job!

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