Voronoi Bowl


A 3D printed Voronoi bowl :slightly_smiling_face:


Could cut some Voronoi shape in leather then wet and put in a curved mold…


Here is one I prototyped a few years back. It’s 1.5” MDF, thinned out to 1/8”. I had 2” clearance on our old machine, which just couldn’t handle the piece plus jig, so I did it in 2 parts. I have a pic somewhere with the cap on it. Drew it in inkscape, and setup the cut in Artcam. No real application, just experiment and education.

@gernreich when you 3D print, do you do the bottom of the bowl down or up?


So cool! Printed from the base up :grin:


These are great


Had to google it, of course, then read the wiki on it.
This is NOT something to do when eating breakfast !
I think I’ll go and lay down, till my brain stops rotating.


Google Voronoi yoda :grin:


Love it!! Voronoi patterns are so fun to play with…especially once you get into attraction points and variable-sized cells :grinning:


One of my self challenges when I was learning to program with C# in Unity 3D was to render a texture with different colors using a voronoi algorithm. It’s actually used a lot for randomly generated terrain in games!


That is a cool project! Programming is so much more fun when you have an interesting goal :grin:


One of the cool things is that you can do this with a GF. Take the pattern, cut it out of 1/4" acrylic and then slump the acrylic over another bowl to form the shape. To slump it I use my gas grill set on high and a ceramic bowl the size I want the resulting acrylic bowl to be. Heat it up for a few minutes, then just press the acrylic if it hasn’t slumped by itself.


Love that idea!


I use the gas grill because there is a small (but not entirely zero) chance that indoors in your oven you’ll catch fire from the fumes in the acrylic. Not as likely in the gas grill (despite having an open flame) because of the fresh air that tends to leak in all over the place in a gas grill. If even a tiny risk is too much you can also just turn off the grill after heating it (& the ceramic or steel bowl) up to the max the grill will go (550ish on mine). It won’t cool down fast enough to affect slumping.