Voronoi Glow Button Escutcheon

So i remember seeing some escutcheons long before my delivery and thinking, “oh that would be fun to do.” It has been a few days of learning Inkscape functions and burying myself in some of the community tutorials, but here is the final product.

I’m still working on it and have only tested the print on cardboard, but I’ll get an after-shot when its done.

I used the voronoi svg from craftsmanspace.com and I had the most trouble adding the center engrave ring. Using the difference tool to remove cuts on the layer below had to be done one by one the way that I was doing it.

This was a great learning experience and is still work in progress. I’ll have a finished product tonight. The cardboard test turned out great, though, so I hope you enjoy.

Escutcheon 2- Voroni


Nice! Inkscape has a vornoi generator, for future reference.


Cool effect! Can’t wait to see it cut. :grinning:

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That should look awesome in acrylic.

FWIW, your SVG is there, just really small. If you edit the post you’ll see something similar to this:
If you just change the numbers, in the example multiply each by 10 to get 200x120 you’ll be able to see it and not have to paste in a link like you did :slight_smile:



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Fusion 360 has a plug-in as well.

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I like this one! It’s a nice size that won’t get in the way of other stuff you might have stacked on your Glowforge. :smile:


Do you have the SVG file for this??

That is the SVG file…right click on it and Save As SVG. :slightly_smiling_face: