Voronoi States of America

The dots are all state capitals. The new state borders are drawn so that, if you cross a border, you are now closer to the new states capital. So many interesting things happen!


Idaho just got weird!


Neat! :grinning:
(Texas got a bit decapped!) :smile:

How about the fact that South Carolina and Florida now share a border… Georgia moves off the coast entirely.

Weird-er. :wink:


Very cool! Interesting concept, but the Mississippi River might throw the borders out of whack. :wink:

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Think Delaware got bigger…

Rhode Island definitely did!

Hawaii now owns like half the Pacific ocean. :slight_smile:


Us Tn volunteers now seem to reside in a bullseye. :sunglasses:

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Almost looks like a potato. Karma.

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I’m in Memphis, so it looks like I’m actually in the Arkansas region. Makes sense, I guess, since it feels like West Tennessee is in a different part of the country than Middle or East Tennessee. :wink:

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haha Michigan pretty much unaffected (no one cares about the UP in reality :wink: har har.

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I assumed national borders would stay the same so Alaska and Hawaii would be unaffected

Lots of national border for Michigan.

These are the interesting things that I am not geographically skilled enough to see. Wonder what the biggest city to move states is, Nashville has to be near the top! Also I’ve been combing through to see if there is any state that LOSES a border neighbor. Plenty of states gain at least one.

I live in Indianapolis and it looks like Indiana would absorb Chicago

Not sure I know where I am. I see Lake Erie. But I can’t tell if PA is where NY should be or if PA is elsewhere. And did PA swallow up NJ?