Vote for my 12 year old's Glowforge math project!

My daughter’s project showing a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem won the “first round” of her “Math is Cool” contest. It’s a pretty cool proof - she (with supervision) used the Glowforge to laser cut AxBxC right triangles out of different colors of acrylic. Then kids can use the triangles (and a small square) to make a square of CxC, and a shape that includes AxA and BxB squares out of the same material. Since you use the same pieces for both, that shows that a^2 + b^2 = c^2!

Contest ends 1/31. Thanks! (and feel free to share widely)


vote by clicking through and liking the post? I think I did that right.

Also, I think I’m a little tired. I read

and thought “well, why does she need a glowforge?”


Done! That’s awesome! I own a math center and look forward to using mine for creating awesome stuff like this for/with our students

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Great project! Best of luck to her! :grinning:

Wish I could but I’m not on Facebook. Cool project though!

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