Voxelise on sale for limited time! (Pixelization Software)

I know several of you are interested in software to “pixelize” output similar to mine craft, so here is an offer I just received, no connection to the company.

Voxelise The software description and specs.

The offer from Smith Micro
I haven’t purchased this myself, as I’m not sure that I have any interest in designing things in this format


This is really tempting. Could come in useful for creating Lego model with my son.
At $20 i might have to pick it up just to play with.

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That looks like a fun thing to play with.

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Why not just use pixelate in adobe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. When I was a kid I wrote a program on my C=64 that would represent LEGO bricks in 3D in all colors and sizes of brick. I’d never seen a 3D application before, but thinking back on it I actually managed to intuit the best approach… split screen with front, top, and side, with the ability to rotate the “model.” Gosh… I used to be so clever. What the heck happened to me?!


Thanks for the link! I came across this application some time ago. Wish I could remember why I was interested in it! (That sounded mean. I literally meant I can’t remember what project could have required it.)


Doesn’t sound mean to me. I’m not sure that I have any use for it either, but, some folks are really into it.

Interesting - thinking of getting it - you can get a 20% off coupon for you and a friend if you refer a friend. If anyone is interested PM me and either I can refer you or vice versa… far as I know you can still use the 20% on the 19.99 price - but NOT positive… :thinking:

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Because this is a 3d modelling program. You can create whole environments, a la Minecraft, in it.

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Ohhh that didn’t stand out to me, fancy.

There’s also a free web-based voxel creator that will export to STL files called Voxel Builder. I played with it briefly, it’s good for very basic designs.

Has anyone bought Voxelise or thinking of buying it? Can you recommend me and we’ll both get 20% off. The cheap offer ends on the 21st.



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