Wait, still waiting for my GF

This is very disappointed. The international delivery date keep pushing backward. It was initially estimated in April 18, then pushed to July 18, today when I check the estimated delivery date, it’s now October 18.

Any people in Australia has received their GF? It’s been waiting too long.

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Canada, Norway and others. You’re not alone. I’d like to hear from GF on delays like this but since they’ve put that personal date we don’t get answers on delays anymore.

Not all that useful to you, but GF has never given any info on the why of delays. Or what is being done to address them.

Not sure that’s accurate, didn’t we get information about issues of what came back from a contractor? Not being facetious but that was years ago and I can’t remember specifically but there was some information.

Either way there was an acknowledgement when it affected the complete supporter base which is no-longer the case now that we are a smaller group and/or since that date estimator was provided.

There’s a significant gap between something and nothing, even if that something doesn’t say much. I think these multiple posts about the same issue are due to an imbalance between corporate interests and backer interests. GF may need to re-considered it’s position now that backers will get theirs after real purchases with more options. That’s if our orders are not canceled outright, maybe, don’t know, no information.

There was official info discussing power supply problems as one of the causes of delays but only acknowledged after it was already addressed. Many more unpublished issues were apparent to those that were testing the machines before production. So as far as I can remember no useful info.

Right now we can assume within reason that the company has not yet successfully passed all requirements needed to import to specific countries. We don’t know what has not passed. Could be that the H/W has not passed. Maybe there is electromagnetic interference across a frequency not important in the EU but critical in Australia. Maybe there are restrictions on a part’s country of origin. Maybe the manual has to be published in dual language to ship to Canada. Maybe…


That would only take days, not months.

The things that take a long time are design respins because a test failed and the time taken by test labs that may have a queue of customers. If you fail the test you might go back to the end of the queue. If you change the design you might have to wait for new parts to come in.

Having said that taking nearly 18 months past the start of production is ridiculous. It seems like they don’t have the resources to do anything in parallel or they keep failing multiple times. It’s about 10 times longer than it should take in my experience. In 18 months the ship would have sailed and we would be on to another product.

Pretty much everything could take days with unlimited resources except for 3rd party stuff. Might take me 3 years to learn French if I was the only person available. Not arguing that they don’t have the necessary resources assigned. Just that we are not likely to ever be told.

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Reasonable assumptions are a tricky thing.

It’s a reasonable assumption that it may be canceled:

I don’t believe it’s a scam but some did, can’t believe pictures on the internet:

I think it’s a reasonable assumption that forum moderators are seeing these posts and have chosen to not offer more information. I could continue and reasonably assume they were told not to, that we are not a significant enough group to warrant the risk.

I’d rather not assume, I’d rather some indication of what’s going on and proceed with that.

I’m predisposed to believe my country’s laws are a mess and that Health Canada is once again showing it’s allergic to lasers. Tell me regulations continue to be an issue but that you’re making progress, or waiting on HC, or something.

Almost anything is better than a silent change of date in an account page outside the forum.

This is not directed at you. You seem to just want more info. Hope you get it though wouldn’t hold your breath.

But for some others… Maybe if someone calls it a scam enough times and repeatedly harps on how the unit will never be what is advertised that it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. Personally, I try not to work against my self interests. Never happy with those that don’t know the difference between being constructive and being destructive.

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I have request a cancellation of my order.

The company’s practices of delaying and subsequently reduced the price made me lose confidence. International backer doesn’t got the privilege to enjoy the machine first. (disclaimer I’m not a 30-days backer) Also it seems that its no longer a production issue (they have the stock to send to US customers), it’s more a regulation issue now. If it can’t be imported then can’t be, GF doesn’t have the power to change the regulation but only comply the requirement. Will they change configuration just for us “small group” of International buyers? I feel for those in Canada, so close and so far. If Canada can’t get the machine, Australia has slim chance to get it sooner.

I work in Road Construction Field, 3 years can build a long road, 3 years can build a tunnel, 3 years can do a lot of things. I don’t want to wait and wait and then one day receive a notification in here (Something Else) tell me they can’t ship to my country. Australia can’t get many things, I get used to it. But if they accept orders, they should have done their homework. Don’t shift the blame to the consultants, just admit it they can’t fix this problem and stop giving false hope. I contacted Full Spectrum and they had no problem sending it over to Australia. At least I can utilise my waiting time to start laser cutting something.

Plus someone in the forum mentioned, technology changes very fast. We are waiting for a piece of equipment that is 3 years old (Í take into account my estimated shipping time which is Nov 18), and new GF plus is there already. Maybe by the time I received my GF, they have GF generation 2.


Sorry to hear it, I obviously feel for you. I perpetually hover there too.

Someone will figure it out soon enough in our countries.