Shipping to Canada?

Just posting this to see if anyone in canada has had a glowforge delivered?

I’ve read all the posts about people picking them up from across the border but it is not an option for me . I live over 14hrs of driving only stopping for fuel from the border.

Also if anyone has information as to why shipping to Canada is such an issue it would be appreciated, interested in facts only please i have many theories of why from reading pervious posts already.

Sry if i seem short tempered in the post having waited since the 30day pre order till now and having my estimated shipping date pushed back now till September 2018 i am having a hard time being optimistic it will ever arrive here anymore. Just trying to gather info so i can decide to either request a refund and move on with my life or hold on longer because there is hope I’m not going to have to wait another year.

Thank you for your time DW.


Nothing to Canada yet. Presumably the delay is due to Canadian regulations. Likely something in the design that is acceptable in the U.S. and E.U. but is not acceptable in Canada. Might be something extraordinarily small or more challenging like not passing electromagnetic interference tests. Test, fix, retest. Nobody knows.

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Confirmed, waiting for mine too. I’m set to July 10th for the pro and the 28th for the filter.

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Hope yours pans out im waiting for the pro as well my estimated date was may 1 up untill a few days ago then they added 5 months.

!@#$, that fluid estimate personalizes and isolates our complaints avoiding the need to explain.

You got me curious to check again and now I’m September 1st, it changed today or yesterday. How did you slide 5 months when I went from July 10 to Sept 1 (~2 months)? Are there less of us and it’s consolidating?

People ordering after the kickstarter will get it before us, with more purchasing options.

Maybe a better balance of corporate interests to client relations should be taken. Is it possible GF delay another 6 month, a year? What are the chances GF simply tells us they are canceling orders to Canada? Where is this stuck? What is GF doing to correct it?

Does this forum have the capacity to create groups with more detailed information for us?


I also find this rather bizarre. My Norwegian order was changed by 5 months to November first. It astounds me that GF still maintains a «no comment» policy even for all those supporters that have invested since october 2015. Really sad…


This sudden change has to be so difficult to bear after all this time. It seems that Canadians especially deserve a little more explanation or warning at least. So sorry.


I don’t know about that - I think all original orders deserve more than “we don’t comment on work in process”. Clearly there are a number of steps to be taken in order to pass impirtation regulations. A simple comment about where in those steps they are - the machines are being tested by X agency or Y certification company and we’re awaiting results would be polite. Even saying it’s been through one (or three or five) round of testing that raised issues that are now being addressed in manufacturing would be helpful in letting people know there is progress of sorts. The absence of commentary creates a vacuum of trust. Nothing they could say would require exposing trade secrets or provide competitive advantage. It’s going to be interesting to see if Dremel ships to Canada - no excuses GF could make would ring true if Dremel does it before they do.


Can confirm I’m now at September 1st. Super bummed.

At least our store credits will be awesome?

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What gets me is that the regulations aren’t so strict that the people that drove over the border weren’t instantly stopped. Its probably some fiddly little thing that no one but the regulation people care about.


Probably. Or the pickup people have the advantage of ill-informed border agents who aren’t aware of some obscure reg. GF can’t ignore the reg because it’s on them and Customs, etc pay way more attention to commercial imports than on stuff in the backseat of a car (as long as it’s not agricultural or medicinal in nature :slightly_smiling_face:).


I feel your pain. I too ordered in Oct 2015 and just noticed my date jumped for the eighth time in the past 6 months and now sits on Sep 01. This is really getting ridiculous. I’m actually doubt I’ll see it this year at this rate. Sad … very sad.


I’m so frustrated. I now know every time there is a update in announcements the date gets pushed back without any formal comment of what’s happening with the Canada shipping. In the last few months I’ve been checking my shipping date religiously and this is what has happened so far.

Shipping dates for pro preordered Oct 2015 :
April 16
May 03
May 08
May 27
July 4st
Sept 1st

That’s a crazy amount of change in a short amount of time without any explanation. Are we going to have any sort of extra compensation for the wait? Is our only hope to find a way to make a huge trip to the states? Are we all now changed to a Sept 1st date?


As far as I know we get more months of credits and the other compensation from that first compensation email (warranty?).

As I said at the time, allow me the option to reduce device cost equal to the credits I’m getting.

I plan to source my own materiel, shipping wood to Canada (Ottawa) is like importing chocolate to Switzerland. I live in a city and I know a guy with a chainsaw he uses on trees, we had had eggos with real maple syrup 3 weeks ago. His kids sing their ABCs in French.

That and the carbon footprint, how much materiel will ship in a truck burning fuel to compensate for planning. We should start charging you for the Oxygen that floats south :wink:

Seriously, GF. You’ve crossed over into taking real orders, what are you doing for your backers? Tell us and say the word Canada a lot when you do, we like it.


Don’t tell anybody, but I sometimes buy Belgian chocolate in Berne… and I’ve been known to smuggle Cadbury’s Fruit and Nuts bars to Switzerland!


No! The world is a lie!

Some types of wood we import, we don’t produce much tropical wood for some reason.


Is there a low path to escalate in the open? Sending an @ to Dan feels a bit much.

Nova Scotia here. We ordered the GF in late 2015. We are from Nova Scotia and the latest expected date recently changed to Sep 1 as well.

Hey! A fellow Nova Scotian!

Yes indeed. Howdy Neighbor!