Waited 2 years for this

Please welcome my new bundle of joy, Glowdi La Forge!!

I’m working on making my duct vent right now and I’ll be sure to post my first print… and its not going to be the ruler.


Excellent! :sunglasses:


I shall pass my time vicariously through your excitement. Congrats!


As I did and everyone else still waiting for theirs… but your time will come soon enough.


Congratulations on your bundle of high-powered joy! Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:





I know I was curious about how others created their exhaust vents… so here is what I did.

Creation Steps

  • Used marker board (plywood with melamine) and cut out a 34 x 8 section to fit in my window.
  • Marked around connector (small end) on board and then cut marked hole for the vent/duct connector to go through.
  • Cut off about 1 inch of material from the connector as it stuck out too far.
  • Hot glued connector to board.
  • Added weather stripping around board edges. Added extra layer of weather stripping to bottom of window as well for a tighter fit.
  • Used a wood dowel rod to place above window so no one could open window without removing the rod first.
  • Connected vent hose and clamp (supplied by GF) to connector.

It literally took me 15 mins to make.


From Inside

From Outside

Supplies (from Home Depot)


Do you mind if I link this in the “DIY window exhaust vent” thread? I’m hoping to corral as many of the different techniques as possible for folks setting up for the first time.


Go ahead… I’ll post a few photos in a sec too.



Here’s my first print… so not a ruler but just as cliche… it’s my company logo.

But I do have a few craft events coming up soon and this will make a nice addition to the pallet covered podium I’m making for them so I can store my cash drawer in and have flyers on top… along with a place to have the credit card chip reader/slider.

Took about 30 mins to print. Its about 17 inches long. Used the supplied Maple Hardwood proofgrade.


(Sorry bad lighting on this one)


This is an option I’m looking at as a possible alternative to a window vent. I live in Colorado, so having a window even partially open at night can get pretty cold.


That looks like it could cause a lot of issues. Its not designed to handle laser output. Youll need something a little more robust

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Might be ok without the filter on it maybe.

Mine is temp btw… as I did order the filter… so whenever those are available, this one will be saved as a backup only.

I don’t know. I am not sure what kind of filter they’ll have in their internal filters but once I find out, there isn’t any reason I couldn’t just apply that filter to this module. Dryer exhaust is likely going to be similar in heat to the exhaust from my GF. Old gas dryers are just using a burner, so I’m not sure what about the GF filter is going to be or need to be all that robust.

Congrats! It looks great!

The issue as I understand it isn’t the heat. If you burn acrylic or leather or wood(as a laser does) you generate fumes which standard dust filters don’t really clean. To properly protect yourself from toxic fumes, you’d need a filter similar to what high end face masks provide and a good seal to prevent any from getting through the cracks.

Of course if you don’t intend to use anything that can generate toxic fumes, you can probably get away with your solution if you don’t mind some odor.

Also for folks who aren’t looking for DIY window vents(but where’s the fun in that), I found this option:

I might end up looking into it since it’ll likely be the dead of winter when I get mine, and while I was thinking my first project would be to laser cut my own, I think it’ll be too cold for me to want to muck around with a window then.


Yeah, I thought about that same window vent.

My plan was always to change the internal filter in that unit I posted. It is meant to use replaceable filters, so there is no reason I couldn’t buy a filter similar to what GF or any other unit that burns toxic materials would use.