Wall art/tree ornaments

I’m having way too much fun with the amaziograph app and fake geometry in AI (“fake” because I do it visually to avoid using up all my maths). Centered, symmetrical shapes are great in the glowforge, because it is just so easy to flip the shape in place for engraving the back.

bb ply, painted then engraved:

:proofgrade: maple ply, engraved then painted:

bb ply engraved, painted, and glued:

Assembled in AI. The centerline stroke shows the vector paths I started with. I put a 3pt stroke on it and expanded that stroke to make the cut. Watching the glow of the laser through 0.04" of plywood is neat; I kept expecting it to burst through, but it never did.


Gosh, your Amaziograph output is so much better than mine! Just shows the difference when it is in the hands of a true artist. Mine look like 3rd grade drawings.


It is like the floodgates of creativity have opened in the past weeks.
Almost every day there are at least 1-3 posts like this where i struggle to say anything more useful than just a jaw-dropping WOW!

Great work!


I have to say it again. We all knew that you’d do great things but this surprises me. Off the charts!


Like, wow! :smile:


I fully endorse cutting out symmetrical designs for the instant jig factor. Although I have done a 180-degree flip on non-symmetrical designs, cut the outline in cardboard for the flip-side jig and proceeded with engraving from there.


These are just fantastic! The 2nd photo is my favorite.


Really cool man! I’m not sure you can have too much fun :sunglasses: it’s leaking out, it’s fun watching what you do.


What amazing fun you’re having! Thank you for sharing your photos! Love the second one especially!

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WHAT?!?! So incredible that you did those on amaziograph. Really impressive!

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Well, the bulk of the design is done with Amaziograph (normally while sitting in the backyard at my house) but then I bring the images into AI for vectorizing and adding the cutline/hanger-hole before sending it over to the GF.

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