Wall Corners

My cats seem to love to rub the corners of our walls, which tend to get them dirty. I wanted to make something to add to the corners that would look cool and easily be cleaned. Here is my first attempt with proofgrade plywood:

Here it is glued together with the first layer of paint:

So much fun!


That is absolutely brilliant! (And beautiful, but mainly brilliant, coming from an owner of multiple cats and a home with very smudgy lower corners everywhere.) :grinning::+1:


Hey that’s great!

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Thanks! Lol… you know my pain!

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Awesome project! I need about a dozen. Also I have corners next to a table, so the dark smudge is about 28" up the wall.


Yes, LOTS of these! And something to protect my hamper. :slight_smile:

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Great idea and lovely execution! I was looking for some nice lace patterns and just got that same beautiful pattern last week :slight_smile:

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Do you mind sharing a link to the lace pattern?

I found them here for $4.


How did you paint without getting in the pattern?

painted it with light coats of spray paint. It did lighten that area a bit but since the engraved part was deep and dark enough you can still see it pretty well.

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Not a cat guy but sweet!

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