Wall mounted bottle opener

Can anyone help me with what type of wood would be good to make a wall mounted bottle opener that I can engrave? Something like maybe an inch thick that I can buy at Home Depot and have cut for me?

I take it you are going to attach a metal opener to a piece of wood? If so what ever kind of wood looks good to you,

Yes! I’m going to attach a metal opener to a piece of wood. I just didn’t know if anyone had done this before and remembers their settings for their engraving.

Well you have to get used to testing different settings since all woods are going to behave differently. Just use a small scrap of the wood of your choice and experiment.

You’re right. I’m always a little scared to do test runs for some reason!

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Nah, don’t be scared. Start with higher speeds and lower power and work yourself up (ie: lower the speed and increase the power) to the desired effect. You can’t go wrong.

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Thank you!

My shortcut to figure out where to start my tests is to look at the Janka scale for the wood I bought, and find the closest :proofgrade: material. Then you can go up and down from the PG settings to find your perfect one.