Wall panels, butterflies

Today was a picture thought of nature. 100% glowforge cutting, scoring, and engrave. Enjoy, this piece for there is only one. More to come soon.


12in x 20in

Nice combination of art! gives a good feeling of depth.

Unless you feel the smoke deposit is an enhancement to your effort, an easy way to remove it is with full-strength household ammonia. Dampen a fingertip in a rag and it wipes off easily. Alcohol does too, just not as fast.
The stain can be a feature!


Thanks for the tip, while I like the smoke, but some like it plain. This would eliminate the taping.

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I also like yours, the depth shows up in the shadows. Awesome

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I think the smoke gives a realistic look. :thinking:


Nice, has a lot of texture.

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Do you mind sharing what material the back board is? Also, how you colored it?

It has a nice weathered look to it, like something that’s been hanging outdoors for a long time…

Thank you, I used Red Oak for background… use oil stains that I blend colors to get the weathered look. Butterflies are made with same above, and I use epoxy and pigments to inject open spaces, and mix a metallic to most colors, for a blending affect.