Wall Plaques

I have had my :glowforge: for a little over a month now. Up until recently I have been making existing free patterns or purchased commercial ones.
This is the first project I created myself in Inkscape. My wife seen a wall plaque on a TV show made from metal that had initials and a name in the middle. She asked me if I could do something like that on the glowforge. Of course I told her I could:wink:. Here is the finished product. Made from thick :proofgrade: walnut plywood and mirror acrylic from Inventables:

As an added bonus, I was able to use the left overs of the project and created another plaque:


Got a banana for scale?

(aka, how large is the finished piece?)


The round one is 11 inches.


Got any tips if someone else wanted to try it? Things that went right? More importantly, things that didn’t? :slight_smile:

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Fantastic first project! Bet she loved it! :grinning:

Yay! Way to win over the wife, if she wasn’t already. It came out great!

It looks great and is always nice when you end up with a twofer.


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I can only see the second one. It makes me think the first is worth seeing, too!