Wall vase!


Hi there!

Me again!
Another piece inspired by the internet and from someone from this forum! Sorry but didn’t find you to tag !

I hope you like it!



:exploding_head: that’s amazing! I’ve seen other posts about their wall plate ters, but this one is just great! Really like that you used a full background. Great work!


It looks great! I’m thinking it was inspired by this one:




Nice work. Looks like you modified my original design structure and concept though. Are the acrylic pieces cemented together? How did you attach the planter receptacle to the back wall plate? Just curious.

It’s flattering to see a few other versions so far that utilize a design and concept of mine, but definitely please credit me whenever you can. :grin:

I REALLY appreciate it.


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Here’s a shot I posted last night of some other ones I now sell. :wink:



Hi, yes, the acrylic are together… :slight_smile:
It’s attached with the “V” gap where the acrylic goes all the way at the back and through the back acrylic so the water (if needed) isn’t in connection with the wood! :slight_smile:


:grinning: Very nice