Walnut Name Sign With Stand-off Screws

This is by far my favorite thing I’ve made with my :glowforge: yet. It’s a Christmas gift for my in laws (John and Alexis, of course) made from :proofgrade: Walnut and Draftboard.

I was initially going to cut the names from another type of wood - and I still might - but I loved the contrast so much that I stuck with it as is.

Did I mention this is an amazing machine?



It’s a lovely sign. They’ll be thrilled!


Oooh, nice! Like the engraved background! :sunglasses::+1:


Very Very Nice…!


I love this. It creates so much depth with 2 2D plains.


You have some of the cleanest designs! This looks great! The background design looks kind of like some detail on a juke box. Also, I agree with you…the draftboard looks really good against the walnut.

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You are making those of us still waiting for our machines even more anxious. Great job!


Thank you! And I am looking forward to being inspired by everything you all make! I spend a silly amount of time looking through all of the amazing things here to give me ideas for what I can do.

Thank you! I do web and graphic design so I have folders filled with vectors shapes and patterns, so I dig through them and chose this one for the flowing curves and overall shape to give the background behind the names some personality.

I’m going to keep working on various approaches to give each thing more visual interest and depth as I go.

Everything I make is typically on a screen or printed on something flat, so this is new territory for me to explore.

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Keep up the experimenting! I’m enjoying seeing it all.

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What a way to woo the in-laws! The stand-offs and contrasting wood both make the sign pop.


This is going to knock the socks of John and Alexis. Maybe you should gift them 2 pair of socks too, just in case.



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Love this!

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Very nice!

Every time I get a new tool, one of the first things I do is push its limits.

When I got a vinyl cutter, at first I spent more time figuring out how to cut things thicker than vinyl than just using it like I was supposed to.

Then I got a Glowforge, and I can cut thicker things easilu… but now I wanna do 3d carves. Guess I need an X-carve or similar next.

Once I have a CNC mill and I can do 3d objects, I guess I will try cutting things back in time.



Gorgeous - I love your work! (and your etsy shop LOL)

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Thank you!

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Nice! Can’t wait for my machine to arrive!!

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