Want to create patriotic things

Hello glowusers,

I want to create patriotic things on my gf. I recently tried to scan a copy of the constitution on my gf but it was too big. I came up with this design instead. Do you think people will buy stuff like this? I have an existing network of veteran friends. I’m a veteran myself.


I would be willing to bet they would. It would make a lovely piece in wood or tile.

The Declaration of Independence is is a lot smaller than the Constitution and a single page

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I’m engraving the first image now on plywood but I think something might be wrong with my laser as it doesn’t seem to be black on the wood. It’s a light color on the wood.

Oh crap. I’m doing acryllic.


Leave the Masking on it, and when finished spray with black acrylic paint and let it dry well. then when you remove thr masking it will look great!

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A tip for when you do use wood: if you want black lettering, the black spray paint works well but can run into the grain of the wood. Try sealing first with spray clear sealer. :wink:
Oh, and I don’t think you can go wrong with your ideas. (Ooh ahh!) :sunglasses:


i know you said you were using acrylic settings, but you should know that not all wood engraves “black.” every wood engraves differently. the amount of resin in the wood and other components of the wood affect how dark it will engrave.

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Also the settings will make a big difference. Lighter settings will not burn the wood as much when fast but can burn more than cut when slow and multiple passes. high and slow will cut through. Making a set of reference cuts for each type of material can get into the ballpark in each case.

the design here is what I use to do that as it uses a minimum of material.

Heck, I’d put that on any one of a dozen materials for a vet friend of mine.

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Absolutely people will buy stuff like that, without any doubt.

Thanks. Hooah!

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Fantastic idea! :grinning:

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