Want to sell glowforge

Bought the glowforge pro and at first it was good, used about 25 times. But ultimately I absolutely hate it, spend more time trying to fix it then im able to use it. Cut one print out and turn off the machine and next thing its stuck on focusing forever and never loading and its just eating up time on projects that are becoming late because the machine is crap and customer service hasnt been much help either. So posting here to try and sell it before it just winds up in a trash can

You might include a price, whether it is still under warranty, your location, and whether you are willing to ship.

You might also consider replacing with a laser intended for business use. The Glowforge is a crafting machine for hobbyists.


I think you have a unique sales strategy. I’ve read of high end product salespeople employing a similar tact to stoke demand and applaud your creativity!

I presume the machine is fully operational and still under warranty.


7,000 put 3 grand into already, 4 months left on warranty, from Alabama, will ship if cant be picked up. Original packaging, extra print head, air filter

If it was fully operational i wouldnt be having issues with it and not wanting to get rid of it, 4 months left on warranty for all the good its done me so far. Customer service has been a bust as well. You can only do so much with photo and print logs

What did you spend $3000 on for a machine still in warranty?


No, what i ment was the machine cost 10,000, and ive put 3,000 grand into paying it off

I am confused. The Glowforge pro lists for $6995 new.


I bought a packaged deal, Glowforge Pro / world tour material package / air filter / extended warranty / extra print head


I will help you get it running. I am going to private message you with my phone number.

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