Want vinyl stickers but poison corrosive gases got you down? (polyester to the rescue)

Just ordered a sample of these

Product OL177LP - Weatherproof Polyester Laser - 8.5" x 11" Full Sheet Label No Back Slit - Sticker Paper

Which you can also get at Amazon for 24.94 for 25
Online Labels - Waterproof Polyester Sticker Paper (OL177LP)

You can order some samples for free (i.e. 3 sheets):

And here is an Alternative:
Product OL9805LP - Weatherproof Polyester Laser - 7.5" x 10" Labels (not full sheet, slits on back…)

I’ll report back here once I cut some… If it turns out good, maybe a moderator can move this to the “Tips and Tricks” section…


Those are great labels, they don’t get soggy in the humidity. (Making them excellent for labeling spice jars that sit in the fridge door.)

Hadn’t thought to laser 'em, but I will now. :grinning::+1:


If they’re polyester, you should be able to produce waterproof prints with a dye-sub printer - if you have one, of course !

John :upside_down_face:


Nope. Never went that far. :smile:

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Samples ordered! Looking forward to hearing how they work out for you!


I use them to make car window decals printed on a Laser toner printer. Too hard to align on the GF. I cut most on a Silhouette Cameo, but have cut these on the GF if registration isnt overly critical. The laser toner printed ones hold up very well in the Wisconsin elements.


Funny this thread should show up today. I just received 100 to print and cut.


I’d ordered from Online Labels before, and this afternoon they sent a $10 off coupon. Very serendipitous…ordered another batch of these in case I can’t find the ones I had left over from the last project. (Quite likely.) :smile:


I use the silver label ones and run them through my laser printer for my make-up bottle labels. Great since we often get the bottles wet or clean them off when they get make-up on the outside. So much better than paper labels…never thought to laser them…must get the full sheets next time for custom shaped labels.:grinning:


So how do you cut car window stickers and keep them from falling apart and losing the “islands” in the design? Is there a sheet I can put on top to keep it all together?

It’s called vinyl transfer tape and sign makers use it to transfer vinyl cutouts.

There is a technique to using it - do a search on Youtube for “How to use Vinyl Transfer Tape.”


Did anyone figure out the GF settings to cut this sticker paper? Thanks in advance!

Were you able to figure out good settings for cutting?

I got my stickers today. But I cant get them to line up accurately.