Wargaming bases

Hi everyone! I just got a my Plus and I’ve been testing things out with it and brainstorming new ideas to use with it.

I play a lot of miniature war games like Warhammer and Star Wars Legion. The miniatures for those games all stand on a flat plastic base. Has anyone scored or engraved things like a brick pattern on those bases without them melting? Is plastic even safe to laser engrave on?

My alternative idea is to engrave on 1/16 inch material and lay that on top of the bases but I wanted to see if anyone else has had experience with this. Thanks!


It depends on the plastic :slightly_smiling_face: Any hint of PVC is a hard no, acrylic is great, ABS is mostly safe but doesn’t engrave well, etc etc etc. Your alternate idea would avoid messing up existing pieces you have and save time testing. Plus you can get fancy with woods and fun acrylics.


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Do you have any pics of the bases or any idea what they are made of?


Not only has it been done but it was posted. Let’s see if I can find it.


Well that was easy :slight_smile:


Bunch of threads, all good stuff. Search for the win!


Thank you for replies everyone. :grin: