Warhammer terrain experiment


On a suggestion from a friend, I’m trying my hand at making some accessories for his Warhammer terrain. The first attempt is a little billboard display. This is just the prototype, as (unless the game is set in TRON) the clear acrylic doesn’t really make sense for the edges. The signs can be swapped out, depending on what he wants for that day. I think they turned out great!


They certainly did! :grinning::+1:


Very nice


Very fitting for the terrain - clean, crisp, and a little spunky!


I should explain, as normal, that this was done on the lasers at Techshop, Pittsburgh, while I’m waiting for my Glowforge. If these examples aren’t appropriate for this forum, I can stop posting them, but I enjoy sharing my work with the group and hopefully giving them ideas on what they can do with their new equipment!


Please don’t stop posting terrain/ diorama stuff! I’m have a soft spot for everything that is miniature. Especially stuff like this! I am going to use my glowforge to make easy diorama accessories for my modelkits (Gundam) and transformers collection. As well as for my brothers Iron men, TMNT and Spider-man collections. Backgrounds included!


lots of people have lasers that they post projects with, don’t worry! so you should keep doing that. but i am reasonably sure that they should probably go in a different category in the future.


If they’re not supposed to go here, I’d be happy to post them to another
forum in the future…I’m just not sure which one. This seems to be the
primary location for showing off your work. Any suggestions?


i think @smcgathyfay tends to use #everything-else, especially now that #projectinspo (Project Inspiration) is gone.

i quite like the idea of supplementing fantasy gaming with lasers; i would have done sooooo many ridiculous things in my college D&D days.


Looks to me like Everything Else is the only place that doesn’t conflict with the intent of the category.

Announcements - Nope
Made on a Glowforge - Not a GF
Glowforge Tips and Tricks - Not a GF
Problems and Suppport - Doesn’t require support
Free Laser Designs - not unless you’re posting your free design
Beyond the Manual - Mostly for GF off-supported use discussions
Everything Else - Self explanatory


I’ve posted lots of stuff I made (including a lot of warhammer stuff), that was not made on a GF. I think the Everything Else category is good place.

BTW, the signs you made look great!


Those are fantastic! Love them


‘Show & Tell’ is also a good place to display your work. :wink:


You are correct Sir…the everything else category is the everything kitchen drawer…whole bunch of different stuff pack in…lol


Awesome! Please show us some of the Warhammer terrain stuff in the “everything else” category as I have no idea what you’re talking about. Sounds cools though and would love to see it.


Thank you for posting them here! Don’t change a thing. :slight_smile:


@facelesscog, Those are fantastic! They would really pop with a black/dark edge. I can’t wait to try my hand at some miniature pieces for my model train set, especially bridges, trusses and supports.

Keep up the good work!