Warning! Check golden email response!

So I got my golden email 4 weeks Ago and the DAY I got it I filled out the response on mobile at a meeting… I remember checking if diligently, and being sure I did It right BUT. I missed one button somewhere. After weeks of no response I reached out to support. They said they had not gotten “permission” to ship my glowforge yet. I was soooo mad. I refilled out the form and asked them to confirm they got It, and got the auto response. I begged them to not put me back at the beginning of my 6 week wait but they did. I literally cried at work when I got the auto response about “6weeks but it’s usually much faster.”

I just was FINALLY near the end and something went wrong.

Is #noforge my life now???

Proofgrade is coming today, but it feels like a attempt to make me feel like the glowforge is happening… when maybe now I won’t get it till MAY??? Jeez 2 years



I feel your pain, but keep in mind that most of us waited 2 years, so you’re in good company now :slight_smile:

It’s worth the wait!