Warning: mistake in catalog design

If anyone is wanting to use the cutting board catalog design, just a warning that there is a spelling error, so I don’t recommend selling it like this or giving it as a gift with incorrect spelling.

The correct spelling is:


I think that may be a regional spelling difference as opposed to a mistake, but it is good to note, especially in the United States.

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Celcius is the classical spelling, it’s what I was taught in school & college.


Hmmm… That’s odd. It was named after Anders Celsius, so I am confused why any location would change the spelling of his name.


I’m with you – this looks like a typo. 26 years in the atmospheric and environmental sciences and I’ve never seen that spelling. I wouldn’t sell or gift it that way.


Spent a little while digging into it.

Academic use outside the US was primarily with a C, which is where I got my education (Africa and UK). The standard is now with an S.


And Americans are criticized for spelling differences? LOL For once we got it right, since it’s his actual NAME spelling. (As opposed to all of the immigrants whose names were changed LOL)


I think “classical spelling” might be a stretch…



I found a photo of the title page of his 1744 book, a treatise on the geological history of the planet, and his name there is printed as Andreae Celsii. I’m not sure we can be so confident in the translated spelling of a name from early 1700s Sweden.


yeah, but it is celSii, not celCii.

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Good catch. Curious…did you use that link at the bottom of the page to ‘report’ the design? Or are you contacting support? I once used that report link and they never corrected the design description at all.

I think you meant “Surious”


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:smile: Gees…you really had me there for a brief second…I was thinking hey what…another new word?

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I took my masters degree (astronomy) in Australia. It took a while to switch to “international English” for all papers and assignments- for the first term I was criticised (sic) for my Americanisms. :wink:

Afterwards, it took another few years to fully reclaim my Zs and drop the unneeded Us whilst while writing for American educators.


I have a couple of fellow Down syndrome moms I’m connected to on Facebook who are from Australian / England and I often have to read something twice before I realize what they are talking about. :rofl: Sometimes it’s very funny!

Side note: I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. (And/or New Zealand)
Would love to hear about your experiences there. I used to have a coworker whose husband was from Australia and she visited and had pics of her with some pretty amazing animals. lol (like WITH the animals lol)


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