Warranty Information

In the May 2017 Update, @dan stated “[t]he final legal language for the warranty” was being finalized.

Is there an update on this? I have searched the forums and have not been able to locate anything.

Specifically, I am interested to know if the question of transferability has been answered. @dan mentioned there would be an answer to this here:

and here:

To those who have received their “Golden Email”: Did you receive the final warranty info, or any warranty info? If so, does it cover transferability?




Thank you!

No prob! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, so the Warranty does not state whether or not it is transferable. I’ll live with that ambiguity for the moment.

However, I now have a bigger concern.

Under the Terms of Service it defines Service as “our website at glowforge.com and subdomains including app.glowforge.com and community.glowforge.com, along with our related websites, networks, applications, and software provided in connection with the Product”.

It further states that “You represent that each Product you have offered to purchase is for your own use and not for resale.” (emphasis added)

And finally, “Subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with these Terms, Glowforge grants you, solely for your personal use, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license to access and use the Service.” (emphasis added)

IANAL, but reading this tells me that if I sell my Glowforge, the person who buys it may have a very expensive paperweight as they will not have access to the service.

Am I missing something?


Yeh I’d like some feedback on this - that’s concerning. It’s also concerning that our access can be revoked for unspecified reasons leaving us with said paperweight.


I believe this would be mostly to avoid people acting as a reseller rather than someone selling their personal unit.

Now this is particularly concerning. I feel like someone dropped the ball here. There really shouldn’t be anything preventing someone from selling their GF to another person. I can understand that the service could potentially become paid in the future (this is where such wording would make sense).

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I understand this section

to mean that you can’t buy them with the intention of re-sale (i.e. stock a shelf full of GFs at your store or create a GF-slangin’ ebay account.

If you purchase with the intent of using yourself, and later decide to sell it, that’s not re-sale.
Someone who sells their extra computer on ebay is not a re-seller. Someone who buys many computers specifically to sell on ebay… re-seller.

as for this:

It sounds remarkably like just about every cloud/net product. Your service (emphasis on YOUR) isn’t transferable. You can’t sell “founder” status, even if you sell your machine.

I, like you, am not lawyer, but I don’t really like that acronym.
My sick little brain makes it into two words…


here is something Dan posted:



Ok. Just need to correlate that with the TOS. Again, IANAL, but the TOS scares me.

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We tried to make it as non-scary as possible, but… Friendly neighborhood lawyers.


Theres a documentary called Terms and Conditions May Apply about all the crazy stuff we agree to. I’m not at all saying there’s anything crazy in the glowforge TOS and warranty; nothing strikes me as out of the ordinary - like they aren’t saying they own the rights to everything we make on the glowforge… Which can’t be said for some other websites most of us have probably agreed to.

This isn’t a helpful post at all, and isn’t even really relevant to the topic. Except to say it’s a pretty good documentary, if you want to be further scared by this sort of thing :blush:


Okay, IANAL, but I am probably being anal, playing Devil’s advocate, the way it reads (including Dan’s response) almost makes it sound like Glowforge is reserving the right to sell accounts at Glowforge.com. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way to get an owner’s account right now is to buy a Glowforge, so it raises the question, how will someone I sell my Glowforge to set up an owners account to transfer the machine to? Are they planning charge for this service?

That said, I really don’t think that’s the plan at all, I will be shocked and disappointed if it is, but the wording does still leave some questions, and if I wasn’t asking this question I’d have to go back to painting our bathroom, and I really don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Since it is unlikely that those who did the crowdfunding are going to sell their GF :glowforge: and those who purchased closely past that would do so either, I am having trouble trying to figure out what the legalese of the warranty is trying to protect the company from.

I can see how (once the 10,000 are shipped out) someone could purchase a Glowforge, get delivered and sell it, but why the buyer could not take over the account seems bewildering.

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I think the most likely reason an early buyer will sell is if they want to upgrade from basic to pro. That could be a significant number.


“Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping an authorized warranty return to Glowforge and for prepayment of return shipping”

So if it doesn’t work when it arrives I have to pay 100 dollars to send it back and 100 dollars to get the warranty machine?

How have warranty claims worked so far with the people that got units that were smashed up by UPS?