Waste not--super simple project: Toaster Tongs

Maybe your scrap bin looks like mine: with lots of left over acrylic with seemingly useless odd shapes. Hate to throw it away…? Here’s a super simple project to make from such scraps: Toaster Tongs.!

In its simplest form, just laser cut a l-o-n-g rectangle out of 1/8" (GF Medium) acrylic. . (I made radiused corners and tapered sides) Then use a heater strip or heat gun to gently soften the acrylic in the middle and hand form into a curved tongs shape. Leave it slightly bird beak “open” to use the natural flex of the material as a spring. I etched a small circle as a locator to super glue on a strong mini magnet–the finished tongs stick to the toaster, ready for use!

(Maybe do a different version cut out of plywood with a multiple slit bending design? or a multiple part version with s

lot-together handle with separate blades…?)

.SVG file on request, but really…?!



I forget what’s the melting point of acrylic? I am not sure I want to poke a hot toaster with it?

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No problem–unless you leave the tongs in the slot while the toaster is toasting.


Good idea!

Really nice! Simple and practical! well done!

Entertained! And it has kind of a retro vibe.

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I going to make me Some Toaster Tongs Too… now think, think, think… Plastic toaster, duct tape, and a piece of acrylic, Glowforge, heat gun, butter and toast. I GOT THIS!!! :grin:

Thanks for posting something cool and inspirational for folks. I really think it’s a pretty sweet practical cut.

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I’ll just add this idea for those who really want ot max out their ‘Waste Not’ merit badge: inside the disposable toothbrush heads of a Sonicare Toothbrush are some GREAT super strong mini magnets. Harvest them before you throw out the used brush heads. Bust them free with a pair of needle nose pliers and glue them to your toaster tongs.


Neat practical project! You could even engrave a few ridges on the inside tips of the tongs to give it a grippy surface.

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Heck with a heat gun available all sorts of bowls and display bits are possible.

I like it lol, simple and useful, the best projects!

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