Waste not


Before removing my 6" stack of used material to the trash bin, I wanted to eke out all I could.

My kids take music classes. The teacher puts fish tank pebbles in their basket when kids behave as desired, and removes those pebbles when kids behave like typical 5 and 7-year-olds. They trade pebbles for nickel prizes that I throw away when they aren’t looking.

I can do better than fish tank pebbles.

A jpeg does not produce an amazing token; but by my 4th iteration I have the 6 levels pretty nice.

Teacher gave me a solid discount on next months tuition. She says that her students really like these. They match the course materials and they also make good test pieces for materials that I am trying to dial in.


How fantastic! The kids get to enjoy and so does your pocketbook a little! :grinning:


I love these practical projects that get the job done better with great design!


Ha! :blush:

These are so great…nice use of all that scrap!


What a fun idea. I bet the kids will go nuts for them!

You may have been to the nounproject (several folks have discussed in the forum), there are lots of fun, free svgs that you might like. They will come out clearly.

I purchased a membership for the nounproject so I can download and use to my heart’s content. I have already gone way beyond my fair share of downloads. :upside_down_face:


Great idea! :+1: