Watch band engraving

Nothing special, just a simple engrave, and am very pleased with the results for my first attempt. For my daughter. I’ve never worn a watch of any kind. I bought four, have some more elaborate ideas in mind.

Used settings you’ll find over in BTM. Filled with latex paint.


I’ve done a couple of watch bands – the way vector engraves work on them is strangely satisfying!


Very elegant and understated.


Not having a watch to test with, I hope I didn’t place the design too close to the body of the watch itself. We’ll see.

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I don’t have a ruler handy, but I do have my watch (40mm). Looks like you have about 2-3mm of overlap from the end of the band to the edge of the watch. Your design should be visible outside where the band goes into the watch case, but maybe with less clear space in between than intended.

Are you engraving the Apple bands or a knockoff variety? I’ve not found clear info on whether the fancy “fluoroelastomer” of the former are laser safe, but some of the latter are more clearly known to be just silicone.


Just what is claimed to be silicone from eBay…

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Wow, that’s the nicest watch band engrave I’ve seen! Very clean and crisp. High LPI?


Same settings as everyone else, but, yes, 675.

I think 5 or 6 applications of paint help with the contrast, which make it looks sharp and clean.


Ohhhhh … nice design … she will love it!


So the paint is not holding up. It was a combined primer/paint.

Suggestions on something more durable, that can still be filled in and wiped off the surface cleanly? Am thinking a solvent-based enamel may be too hard to clean off the unengraved areas. I have plenty of nail polish…

People in the FB group do theirs with oil markers. I have some doubts about that holding up too, but I haven’t actually tried it yet.

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Anyone here know if Sharpie oil-based markers are any good? I can get one at OfficeDepot nearby…

it is tough for stuff to stick to silicone.

That is kind of the point, isn’t it! :rofl:

I did a little research based on g2n’s suggestion and oil-based markers are supposed to be the best choice, The engraving does leave a rough surface behind, so that should be helping (didn’t help the paint I’d used, though!)

Going to meet some friends for dinner at a mex place next to an officedepot, I’ll pick one up. Need to come up with another design to print so I can try it out.


it would be dang cool if it worked!!!

People are coloring watch bands it seems, but generally colors on white or light-colored straps. White on black is harder.

Uni Posca Markers are the best. I use them for my Apple Watch bands. Hope that helps


Well, here goes round two. Just a single application of Sharpie oil-based marker. The photo shows lots of debris but it looks perfectly clean to the naked eye. Let’s see how this holds up!


So medium point works best? Do you seal the paint with something afterwards? I got the craft mart fine point and the paint is leaking everywhere as soon as I press on the engraving with it

Yes. I love Uni-posca…medium is fine. Thanks :blush: