Watch out for that debris

I was cutting some masked plywood in lots of little pieces, and some of the masking lifted up because of the air assist (and because it was old and not well applied). Bits of it ended up distributed all around inside the GF.

Including here:

After the cut finished, I very gently tease the piece off the pulley with some tweezers. No apparent harm done, but the result might have been unfortunate, especially if I hadn’t noticed it early on.

So just a reminder: when there’s stuff flying around the inside of your GF, watch where it goes…


Nice catch. What type of plywood and where did you purchase it?

Asking to be more aware of type of material that can create large particles.

On a similar note, I saw a thread on the Facebook laser cutter group about someone who had a fire caused by not cleaning out the machine. It was pretty nasty, and the number of people who chimed in saying “the same thing happened to me” has definitely raised my level of safety awareness. It’s easy to become complacent over time. Don’t leave trash in the machine, don’t operate it unattended, and make sure that fire extinguisher is readily available!


It was the woodpeckers BB, masked with one of the low or medium-tack transfer tapes that’s been discussed here. I think the problem is that I put it on about a month ago and then sorta-kinda pressed down on the places where it had lifted or wrinkled before putting it in the GF. I should have at least dusted the wood and pressed down hard and uniformly, and done it just before burning.

Some of it stuck really well, to the point where I didn’t notice it was still on until I had already put on the wood glue :slight_smile:


Great tip. I will start checking more carefully.

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