Watco Danish Oil Finish - before or after lasering?

I’ve got some watco danish oil finishes and was wondering if the recommendation was to finish wood before or after cutting and engraving? Will the look vary between the two and is danish oil laser safe? I know individual finishes will vary, but more generally, is it a bad idea to finish before going under the laser?


The oil could effect the lasers ability to cut/engrave depending on type of oil and how thickly you apply it, also as to how much it has dried since application. Id its not essential to add before, Id go for after


I’ve done it both ways and both ways work. I think most organic oil finishes would work after. Not so sure about things like poly.

Which should be first, is a judgment call. Laser first, and you risk messing it up finishing. Finish first, and you have some cleanup to do after but it has never been major, just some alcohol and a soft cloth. You could probably minimize cleanup by masking which I did not do.


And you had no issues with the stain bleeding into the end grain at the engrave?

I’m not trying to be pedantic here but the Danish Oil I have used is not a stain so no, it hasn’t given me any trouble. As always, YMMV.


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Perhaps, suffice it to say, we can both be glad to not be at the same ones.


I had a piece of old growth pine that I used Teak oil on, and then lasered a design. It was unexpectedly more flammable than the test piece without the oil. The tight design areas turned out way more burnt than I had desired.

Just make sure you do tests on pieces with final finish, and not just on the base material.