Water Cooling

I think the GF is water cooled but is this an external system or all self contained and can I add some sort of ice bucket to the system?
I am also wondering if there is an air assist on the gantry to help get smoke out of the way?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Yes, Self contained water cooled.
Yes, Air assist.

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but no way for me to tap into the water line?

The full cooling specs have not been listed yet.
It is not clear at this time if their might be an extra port to support extra load or not.

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I’m sure you could physically tap into a line but not sure what that would do to the cooling plan. There are so many unknowns about the overall design and how the much handshaking is done between local sensors and the Cloud S/W. The CEO has implied that the cooling plan is done in the Cloud.

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I don’t think it’s likely that the coolant will be water. Freezing and stagnation could be issues in water cooled systems. Other coolants would have a different heat absorption rate. The system is expecting heat to flow at a certain rate, if it doesn’t, it might mess things up.

Just water, Chances are low.
Water blend, Chances are high.

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Almost had a Dan-style haiku there:

Just water, chances are low.
But don’t you worry,
water blend, chances are high.


If you open the hose line
you won’t find water
but you won’t because it’s sealed


That’s not a true Haiku @dan!
This is a true Haiku! :wink:


facepalm, on many levels.


I thought you were doing it on purpose–the sign of a true pioneer!

a lot of people just use 50/50 antifreeze water mix