Waterfall lamp



I’ve been wanting to make a lamp for a while, so I decided to go whole hog and make a multi material waterfall lamp.

The base was made with pg maple and the design was altered from a file I made to make the vent cover a while back. I made the grooves for the front plate using the darkest engrave feature. However, they ended up being too shallow, so I then sanded the grooves to make them deeper.

I’m going to have to figure out something to do with all these swirls!

The light fixture was bought at IKEA for around $6.

I made the “night sky” with black acrylic. Some of the stars were made into constellations, and the others were randomly distributed.

The “forest” was made with pg cherry. I found some conifer images online, converted them to black and white, and layered them up the wood pieces.

The waterfall was made with blue fluorescent acrylic from Inventables. The image was a few random water designs found online, stitched together, a starburst pattern created near the bottom of the waterfall, and then the entire thing rasterized. This was also before I found out about the wonders of gorilla tape for weeding. Really, REALLY wish I had known about that when I was finishing this project! :slight_smile:

The design actually started as a rectangle, I then traced an outline of the mountains, the waterfall, and the sky, and created shapes for each portion so that all the different materials would fit together. Then everything was made as described above. The final pieces were glued together using super glue.

Here is the final design unlit…

And lit.

You can see the stars more clearly depending on what color is being emitted at the time.

It turned out a little busier than I had wanted (I was going design crazy because I’m finally getting the hang of illustrator), but the waterfall effect works, so it’s a win!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

Totally a win!! And the different materials fit nicely :smiley:


Wow! :relaxed:


Holy cow!


I love that you are mixing things together. Great work! :grinning:


Awesome! The things you do with light are just amazing! (Love the wall mural too).


That’s really cool! Thanks for showing all the steps to build it.




This is fantastic! I love the design.


That awesome! Great job!


Incredible! You did a great job bringing together a bunch of materials into a cohesive whole.


I really like what you were able to accomplish with this. As you were detailing the individual parts, I could not quite see how it would come together. Then, I saw the waterfall! So cool!


It’s wonderful! :slight_smile:


:notes: don’t go chasin’ waterfall (lamps) :musical_note:




This. Lamp. Is. Fantastic!! I am inspired!! Thanks for sharing the building process!


Stunning mixed media project! :sunglasses:


@karaelena it’s GORGEOUS!!!


OMG! OMG! OMG! I… just… can’t… read posts anymore. This is all too awesome… you are all too awesome… GLOWFORGE is way too awesome!!!


Incredible! Amazing job!