Waterproofing leather

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had a way to waterproof (proofgrade?) leather, or if there are waterproof leather-like materials out there appropriate for Glowforge.

There are several flavors of sealers out there. For my uses they are applied as a final phase, so not really sure why it would need to be appropriate for Glowforge.

HOW wet the leather may get will decide which one is for you. My needs are just to avoid something like a splash or light run in the rain.

I get mine from Tandy but there are also online options if no Tandy near you.

Perhaps others who have harsher anti-wet priorities than me can chime in.


Thanks for the reply,

The specific application I was thinking of was a multitool case for saltwater environments which might get harsh.

I can see sealers as an option and was looking into polyurethane but I haven’t found much on polyurethane-ing leather or cutting leather with polyurethane coating on a laser.

Sno Seal has worked for us. Also just plain bees wax.

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