Wave Action Visualizer



I saw this and immediately thought it should go here. Can’t say that I’ll make one, but it shows some interesting mechanics and gets the creative juices flowing for sure!

Awesome motion!

love me some kinetic art!
With a strategically-placed light source(s), it could produce some interesting effects for fun in the dark too.


Thinking put outside… make it bigger…add windmill …perpetual motion…nuff said !


Great idea!


Thanks !


“I do not think this means what you think it means.” :slight_smile:


…as long as the wind blows :grin:



Yes, those are fantastic! Probably my favorite wind sculptures.
I wonder if the individual units are bearing mounted, or if they “sing” in relation to the degree of corrosion/wear sliding around the shaft?


Holy cow, SOOOO COOL!!


It’s soooooo… hypnotic!


Wow, need more like this. It is so relaxing.


I would like to add a motor to it. it would be mesmerizing


Just mounting a vertical version of that top one would be interesting artwork… “3d coming at you” Or multiple ones.


That’s amazing! Can you add the link where you found it? I found a Pinterest image of it but as I’m not on Pinterest I can’t see the actual source. Thanks!


I want to say that I saw it randomly on Twitter, but I honestly can’t remember where I found it.


Here is an Instructable that uses this principle. Look for sine wave generators.


Thanks, @marmak3261! Will definitely investigate these further…