Wave laptop stand (instructables)



The instructable can be found here.

I thought this was a really neat design. The tutorial is a few years old, I think it would be a lot easier to do no via F360. Didn’t see it posted anywhere so I thought I would share.


Great concept but yes, it would be MUCH easier with F360 and slicer for F360.


How stable is it? It looks like it wants to roll over at any second


In the picture posted, it looks (to me) like it only has one front and one back leg, which would have to be a crazy balancing act. If you click through to the instructable, though, you can tell there are actually two back legs and you’re just seeing the one on the side closest to the camera.


That’s really neat, thanks for sharing! It looks cool, and I bet it allows the laptop more air to keep cool.
I really like the locking nodes in the design, putting that one in my design notes.


That is crazy cool but there is no way I’d trust my source of income to stay stable on that. I must be old - I’m not a fan of form over function. LOL