Wavy american flag using depth map

i would like to know if anyone knows how to make a depth map. I am being told by a friend that i can make a depth map and cut out a wavy american flag. Does anyone have experience with this ?

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Forum search is your friend :slight_smile:



I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a file like that on Etsy. :blush:


You are looking at two different designs blended into each other. One is the flag and the other is the wavy,

To make the wavy part you need to have the high points white or almost white and the lowest points black or near black. This is not too difficult as you can have white to black lines and a blur between shading from one to the other.

To make the flag part is also pretty direct. You make them in different layers in Gimp with the wave at the bottom and blend them together so the wave part is most prominent as that will be the shape and the other a mark on the shape.

You will probably want to experiment to get the best balance.


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