Ways to finish your laser project:

I don’t know why I’m so amazed by this. It’s rather academic in it’s application but the results still speak for themselves! And the steadiness and shore-handedness needed for the slow drop!


How many ways do you love that!

And of course if that is too abstract for you there is always this:


How funny!
Kind of a UV map hydro-printing thing.
Now that takes me back a few years to when I used to use “deepaint3D”

The physical process is interesting enough but what I marvel at is the artistry in creating the dip painting in the first place - and knowing what the pattern on the surface will turn into on the dipped object.

There’s an artist locally who custom paints wallpaper this way. I’m always amazed when I watch him paint and dip and get consistent results over & over and then switches to another pattern and does it again.


There are pretty interesting machines that “print” the paint patterns onto the water for these systems.