WD-40 vs. 3m Novec for the fan?

Might try oven degreaser?

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Funnily enough…

Would be bad news to get that on any of the circuitry…

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It would probably work, but I wouldn’t waste an IPA on it. Removing burned wood resins is something better suited to a Malt Liquor like Schlitz.

On a more serious note, I would recommend against Oven Cleaner. The chemicals in oven cleaner are very caustic. The fan is brushless but it still has copper windings and bearings that might suffer. And definitely don’t spray oven cleaner in a running fan. It’ll send that stuff everywhere and as bad as the vapors are to breath and get in your eyes, an atomized mist will be orders of magnitude worse.


Good point. I was only suggesting it might be worth trying on the honeycomb. (maybe)

I can confirm Simple Green is enough to kill the fan.

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