We got us a glowforge!


In 2015 my wife and I decided to give ourselves a Glowforge Pro. Our Christmas present has arrived! The “wrapping” was a bit damaged with a fist sized hole through which you could see the glowforge, 3 handles missing, and one side a bit crunched. There were a few problems with the shipper Santa chose- they tried to deliver it to our place even after we asked to pick it up at the distribution center. In spite of the problems, it wasn’t broken. So far we have unboxed it, unfortunately turning it on will have to wait till tomorrow. I’m off work this weekend though! Pew, pew!

First thoughts:

It is a gorgeous machine.
It feels/looks tough yet refined and beautiful.
It it well thought out. Glowforge peeps spent some time making a good product.

A few pictures:

Sorry for the poor pictures. The lighting in the basement of our rental is crappy, but that will change soon. This years Christmas gift to ourselves is the house we’re buying.

I’ll try to keep posting updates and pictures. :grin:


That Santa is quite impressive!!


Congratulations!! Be sure to post some projects in #glowforge-project-examples!


Sweeeet! :sunglasses:


WTH are they doing with those boxes?


Using them as punching bags, looks like.


Congratulations on your glowforge and your new home! Enjoy the adventure.


Wow! A Glowforge and a new home! Congratulations!


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:




Congrats on your :glowforge: and your new home! Hope to see lots of projects.




Behold!!! The LASER-inater! My wife and I are now ready to rule the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA with this delightful little founders ruler in acrylic. :grin:

Lovely non-evil daughter waiting to push the glowing button.

Ready to rule with the founder’s ruler in proofgrade acrylic.


Have fun, and don’t forget to eat, sleep, and all that other stuff!


That’s excellent! (And what she said!) :grinning:


A design of mine rendered in exquisite former Amazon package cardboard:


That is some beautiful line work.