We have to sign for Proofgrade UPS delivery now?

I have never had to sign for Proofgrade deliveries until this week. UPS tried yesterday and left a note on my door. I work from home, but my shop is in the basement, and I cannot hear a doorbell or a knock. So I left a note asking the UPS driver to call my cell phone and I would come up and sign for it. The driver obviously disregarded the note, and left his own note saying “Sorry we missed you…we will try again on the next UPS delivery day”. The only way I can sign for this is if I sit around my front door all day waiting for the driver. I don;t get it. Is this a new policy moving forward?

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Yes, I just had that happen to me. Hopefully we can get this changed.

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I have received two orders in the last week and never signed for them just left at he door. Once you get notification of the tracking number you can provide specific instructions for delivery on the UPS site.


I thought it was just me; they tried to deliver on Monday, pouring down rain. I figured they just didn’t want to leave it on the unprotected porch. They use a local craft store (Michaels) to place it for owner pickup, then try to deliver again after that. The note they left said “signature needed” which surprised me. Michaels asked for ID when I picked it up.

What a pain (yeah, 1st world problems, I know). I’d been waiting since Friday last week, then UPS delayed to Monday when I was out of the house, then I have to make a special trip to Michael$. (I always find something there I didn’t know I needed.)


Michaels required the ID just to make sure they gave it to the right person. I get it about Michaels, I quit going with the wife…


It might be a policy change by UPS. With the increase in shipping this time of year, they might just want to protect themselves from theft.


Happened to me yesterday as well. I tried to pre-sign with UPS but there was a notification that the shipper required a signature at time of delivery. So kept an ear out and all I needed to do was open the door and show proof I was home and off he went.

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I have received two shipments since the fulfillment center moved to Louisville. The first I didn’t sign for, the second required a signature. I have a standing signature arrangement with UPS to leave packages, but I guess not.


At least proof grade was in stock when you ordered. It is always out of stock when I need something

That’s another issue entirely. I’ve been checking the product page regularly and set myself up to be notified by email when the proof grade was back in stock. I never received a single notification, but luckily it was in stock when I checked it the other day.

Tried that. UPS site will not let me sign for it ahead of time. I couldn’t have made it easier for the driver to just call or text when he got here. He chose not to. I mean I realize they are very busy, especially as we head inot the holidays and of course COVID, but it’s not a whole lot of effort to just dial a number.

For some reason, they can’t find my doorbell. So I bought this.

Sometimes birds set it off so you have to figure out best location. Works well for this function.


I have ring door bell so I know when anyone pulls up the house.

As for this, I some woods behind our house so I bought one of these and some solar flood lights to to keep the racoons and other varmints out of my backyard. A blowing leaf also sets them off.

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