We made the Witcher 3 Map for a recent commission

One of our favorite YouTubers, Kyle Hill, reached out and asked if we could make him the map from ‘Witcher 3’. Kyle runs an amazing science education YouTube Channel. His videos are crazy informative and fun.

When he requested a map, we were thrilled to have the honor to make him something. We have made a Witcher map in the past, but he really wanted the one specifically from Witcher 3.

This is how it turned out. The piece is laser cut on cherry plywood. We used Vallejo Acrylic paints to paint in all the details. The epoxy was Alumilite Clear Cast with some Black diamond/Artisan Pigment Powders to add color. All epoxy was poured using a syringe to make sure it went where it was supposed to. The words are engraved on a clear acrylic sheet which was 5-min epoxied to the map. The frame details are all adhesive-backed veneers.

Have a fantastic week everyone :slight_smile:

Nicole C - WhenGeeksCraft


You guys really do have a workflow down for these maps.

I’d imagine you don’t have a pressure chamber to cure your resin at that scale, I assume you torch the bubbles?


Yea for art of this size we do not use a pressure pot. i tent the piece to avoid stray cat hairs/dust but heat gun is the only option. I prefer a heat gun because i dont want an open flame in the house. I then check it every like 15 minutes for the next 2 hours to make sure no dusts lands and that the resin swirls are how i want them. The epoxy is ‘workable’ for like 2 hours so many swirls are set RIGHT before the epoxy sets.


Always impressed with what you do with the maps!


Wow, a lot of gorgeous detail in ghat map. I love how you did the veneers.

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You lucky son of a gun!!! Kyle’s videos are crazy fun and this map is so pretty!

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thank you!

its really to save on thickness but it turns out really cool