We Need a Bigger Glowforge



There has been a lot of talk about tutorials and such. Maybe this is the graduation project: http://www.cnet.com/news/lexus-builds-full-size-car-out-of-laser-cut-cardboard/


It’s called a Lasersaur and it’s fully open source. Anyone can build it for ~$8000.

Can I cut carbon fiber?

Fingers crossed that the next generation of GF will come in a similar size!


Given the shipping costs on the current GF, can you imagine the costs for one the size of a lasersaur?


If you are within CONUS just road trip, enjoy a Seattle vacation, and pick it up!


IN other threads @dan has already stated that they are not planning on distribution from their Seattle office.


There goes my whole “pick up my glow forge 2.0” plan :frowning:


Maybe they’ll send us a firmware update and let us buy materials to build 2.0 from 1.0.


And so the first step was taken on the road to the robot apocalypse.