Web UI


Here’s the screenshot of the web UI from this older post.

Here’s one from the video posted of the trebuchet cut.

One thing I notice is that the area that used to say “Steps” has been cleaned up. I think that forum feedback likely contributed to that. Another thing is the “bumpers,” as I think I heard them referred to as, the stripes around the material. Hard to see, but it looks like the plugin sends .pdf files? That could be something else. Zero on the rulers now line up with the preview image. We’ve also lost the turkey hand. I’ll start a petition.


“Print (ID 17204)” - Job number? Seventeen thousand prints sent to their cloud computers? I suppose that may not be sequential or may be a unique ID to the printer. Seems unlikely, though.

(laser, no air assist)


We need a hand turkey. I mean what’s the point otherwise? Maybe it’s something you can unlock with enough prints.:rooster:


chants make a petition! make a petition! make a petition! make a petition!!


Custom skins for the UI! However, good post thanks for doing the work. I have to admit, compared to the AI screen, it’s pretty simple. Means preproduction is pretty important.


Oooo, I think the hand turkey should activate the trust function on the GF so you can put your hand on your material and have faith that the cameras can accurately guide the laser around your squishy meat paw…

Ok, maybe not. There’s probably a reason I don’t work in Safety and Health.


That function is for the Pro model. Insert hand into passthrough slot. Maybe they haven’t finished developing it yet since some Pro features may be put off to get these things out the door.


Sounds like I ordered correctly!


wait, how do I get my hand to the conformant 1/4" thickness?


Not to fear, the laser will engrave it down to the right depth - that is why it’s a Pro model feature. You can remove excess flesh with a Class IV laser, but not a Class I.


I’m just going to toss this one in here too.



Hmmm… what else? This shows multiple steps. First “cut” is to score, second is to cut.

It’s named Circleforge. So, Joshforge, Joshforge II (same machine or two different?), Testforge 2, (assuming there is a) Testforge 1, and Circleforge. Others we know of?

Because, why not?


showforge as well


At Maker Faire dan said Joshforge II is a different machine than Joshforge.


Multi step cutting without moving material will be so useful for me. If I recall that was kind of a given, but it is nice to see it in there.