Webcam Privacy Blocker

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I got tired of the whole “Post-It-over-webcam” privacy protocol – so I decided to use “KingKerf” to design something more … “designed”.

First, some background: I tend to lean towards things with a bit of whimsy or that are “punny”. This was no exception. The subject and central character of my design is Bill Leeb, from the band Front Line Assembly. Not only is he an Austrian/Canadian icon in the industrial/EBM music scene, but is name also sounds a lot like “BELIEVE” when said quickly, or just for pun-sake. He is also known to where sunglasses quite a lot – even while performing in a dark club, go figure. Hence, I ran with it.

Anyway, you don’t have to understand the reference to understand the mechanics. Simply put, I just needed a way to block the camera 99.9% of the time – yet still be able to easily unblock it on that rare occasion when I want to Facetime or Skype on my iMac desktop. Slidable sunglasses seemed a no-brainer. I admit it was a bit tedious to get the glasses to slide freely, yet snug enough to not slip down … trial and error!


PG Medium Clear Acrylic – with silver spray paint on engraves
PG Medium Maple Hardwood – with black spray paint on engraves
1/8" Black Acrylic (Inventables) for the sunglasses and slide mechanism on back



That’s pretty creative!


Very clever! Love the shades! :sunglasses:


Holy cow, a Bill Leeb reference… last thing I expected to see on this forum. Cool.

EBM intensifies

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This is really clever!

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Fanciest webcam cover I’ve ever seen!


Well done!

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Hahahaha! Love it!

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By any chance is Bill Leeb related to Ken Lee: (with a thanks to @geek2nurse)


I was imagining a bigger sign like that outside near the entrance with a sensor that would lift the glasses when someone walked up.