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I have a mac mini, and on meeting days I need to be on camera, does anyone have any webcam recommendations? I have been using the laptop for the camera purpose, but it isn’t great for all day.

On a PC with a five year old Micro$oft Life Cam Cinema I’ve been happy, but From what I’m aware of I would look at the latest Logitech offering. Looks good but a bit pricey. I have zero experience with Mac.

The Logitech C920 has been my go-to. 3 of which are plugged into my workshop computer now: one pointed down at the desk, one on the Glowforge, and one for the talent/video conferencing.

Of course, when I got them they were like $50. Thanks to the pandemic, well…


Zoinks! Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe one of the other logitech’s will do the job. :slight_smile: hard to justify spending $50 more on some thing

Thanks @PrintToLaser

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Yeah. All the work from home created a run on webcams. You can also get a Wyze Cam which is supposed to be for remote security monitoring. But Wyze published an alternative firmware that turns it into a webcam. It’s 1080p so HD, just not crazy super quality like the Logitech. For under $30 and a couple of cables it works great. I converted one for grins and it took all of 10 minutes.

Here’s the firmware info:

The camera is $20 from Wyze (Amazon has it for almost twice that because they include a wildly overpriced SD card you don’t need).


you can also get a blink mini right now for $35. i just got one, but haven’t set it up yet.

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AUKEY has made some pretty good generic products and have a $55 webcam model available.

Right now (Sept 10, 2020 morning) they have a 10% discount available.

I have ordered one to test myself.

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I sure hope this trend doesn’t continue.

I’ve worked from home for over 20 years, thousands of web conferences, never used a web cam.

Customers sit around a conference table and watch a presentation or demo. Never needed to see each other.


people are feeling lonely and isolated. seeing other people’s faces when you talk makes it more personal. i don’t share my face in a lot of our meetings, but i do when it’s with my graphics team (weekly calls) and for all hands meetings for my local office (monthly). it lets us see each others’ reactions in conversations. i will occasionally for other meetings, but not always.




it was still accurate, just not specific. :slight_smile: i didn’t say all people. some people is still people.


@jamesdhatch I should give that a try, I have a wyze. :slight_smile: and I should get a second one!

@shop I have a blink in the garage… I think I got it as a kickstarter and set it up, but then stopped using it for some reason.

@PFI-Guy thank you! That looks cool!! Tell me how it works out.

@eflyguy it is required for us. I wish it wasn’t a thing.


It’s a company culture thing too.

At my work, video conferencing was already ubiquitous 7 years ago when I started. Most meetings involve at least one person in another location, and every conference room is equipped to join by video with one button. You quickly get used to people being on the screen, and the transition to working from home was relatively smooth because it was nothing unusual.

It does make a difference in the dynamic, and in my opinion it’s a positive one. I had a problem with my screen one day and I had to give a presentation where I couldn’t “see the audience”. It was very uncomfortable speaking into the void and not being able to react to whether people were nodding, falling asleep, looking confused, etc.


We use the Wize cameras for our dogs and have them all over the place. They’re cheap, work great and and @jamesdhatch pointed out, very easy to change to a web cam. Amazon has many different mounting options available. They have a model just introduced for outdoor applications too.

Sorry about the delay.

The camera has a fixed focal length, but works very well as a webcam/Zoom/Team device.

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Thank you!!!

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