Wedding Cake Topper


Made cake topper out of white acrylic for my son’s wedding yesterday. Made the cake and cupcakes also.




SO fantastic! What a beautiful design!
Not sure you’re aware or interested, but they actually sell glittered acrylics. Might save you some time and effort. :slight_smile:


Perfect for the cupcake tower! Congrats to your boy! :grinning:


And keeps glitter off of food, too! :wink:


I had thought about buying the but it cost so much more… At least the one I saw… I had the glitter paint on hand.


Wow you are so talented in baking arena!!!

Looks beautiful and so tasty too.

The topper is the pièce de résistance!!


Oh wow, what a professional job! Just amazing!


Looks fantastic (and delicious). Congratulations on the new Daughter-in-law !!:smiley:


Wonderful! Really nice stand and the cake looks tasty!


Where can you purchase glittered acrylic? I want some! :hushed:


SKILLZ! (And I’m not talking about the topper!) Nice work all around!