Wedding Cake Topper

Made cake topper out of white acrylic for my son’s wedding yesterday. Made the cake and cupcakes also.



SO fantastic! What a beautiful design!
Not sure you’re aware or interested, but they actually sell glittered acrylics. Might save you some time and effort. :slight_smile:


Perfect for the cupcake tower! Congrats to your boy! :grinning:

And keeps glitter off of food, too! :wink:

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I had thought about buying the but it cost so much more… At least the one I saw… I had the glitter paint on hand.

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Wow you are so talented in baking arena!!!

Looks beautiful and so tasty too.

The topper is the pièce de résistance!!

Oh wow, what a professional job! Just amazing!

Looks fantastic (and delicious). Congratulations on the new Daughter-in-law !!:smiley:

Wonderful! Really nice stand and the cake looks tasty!

Where can you purchase glittered acrylic? I want some! :hushed:

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SKILLZ! (And I’m not talking about the topper!) Nice work all around!



So beautiful…all of it! The colors the setup…stunning.

Welcome to our community! Your chosen name is interesting … sounds like you have a store already…have you been crafting a long time?

Thank You! I do :slight_smile: I have been crafting most of my life, starting out with making my own barbie clothes, lol. Now I do a little of everything. I currently own and operate a small boutique and vinyl supply store, where I offer embroidery. I recently added the forge and am loving the added variety. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun thing to do! We got ours as a hobby toy…we have three 3D printers and it was time to branch out into something easier (???) to work with.

Gorgeous! I can feel the love from here!

i’m late but Congrats to your son. Do you sell the SVG or PDF for it, I’m learning inkscape not good at it at all. trying to make one for a wedding cake.