Wedding decorations!

Hi, I’m a brand new GF owner, and I mean brand spanking new. My GF arrived today! We have unpacked it but haven’t even powered it up yet.

We also just (yesterday) found out that our daughter wants to be married in our home in 25 days…!.. We would love to use our new GF to create decorative pieces for the ceremony and reception. Since time is an issue, I thought I would reach out to more experienced users and ask for any suggestions or links to designs we could consider. If you have any creations that may work for an informal, home wedding celebration please let me know! Thanks in advance for any input!

Brett C


Make sure you read everything you can about the GF and do the first few projects they recommend. Also consider learning to use a design software. The machine requires a bit of a learning curve. Good luck and welcome aboard.




Welcome. Congratulations. I suspect you are going to be super busy with lots of things in the next 25 days. Maybe making decorations is not the number one priority. I suggest deciding what decorations you need and seeing if they can be sourced rather than made. Then decide on one or two important things and concentrate your efforts on making or personalizing those things. At first you won’t have the materials or the skill to just knock stuff out, but you will be able to make keepsakes in time that will be treasured long after the ceremony is over.


I did Engraved hangers for the Bride’s Maids, and “Save the Date” notifications and a few other things… but I had months at least. Congratulations!


Do a forum search for “wedding” and you’ll get lots of ideas. But I second the suggestion of getting at least some experience under your belt first. Doing the suggested first three prints should help a lot.


Definitely run through the First Prints section.

Do they have any sort of theme in mind? There are designs for cowboy themed stuff, and putt-putt themed stuff, plus a bunch that are church oriented.

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And when you’ve done that, check out Etsy for designs you can buy and make. You might be pressed for time to design in the next 25 days. Also google free wedding .svg files and you will find more than you can shake a stick at.


There is a ton of stuff out there. Make some lanterns and even some wooden table confetti! COasters, etc, etc. Google Google Google!

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Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new Glowforge!

Some good advice above.

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