Wedding gift (carving plus Glowforge)

Made a hanging art piece for my cousin’s wedding. It came out pretty nice, and I intend to make more for sale (with a customization option for the names, of course - don’t want to restrict my audience to couples named Amy and Matt! :slight_smile:

Needs a little refining, but I’d say it’s 95% there.

Now with actual image!


The internet gods really don’t want us to see what you made!

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I guess not - I’ll try again when I get home… sigh

The image shows now!

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Don’t forget to weed there insides of the letters :grin: great project!

That’s a beautiful carving! Part of me wants to see a tiny accent in it—small oar, or starfish, or maybe the very tip of the prow of a boat.


Thanks! Future versions will probably have white acrylic whitecaps brushed across the top, but I ran out of time before the event and didn’t want to risk it for this one.

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