Wedding gift for a history teacher

My cousin got married today, and I’ve been working all week to finish up a design I thought would be neat for him but still stylish enough to display. Since he’s a history teacher and history nut from long before, I thought it would be cool to incorporate an on this day event list. After going through a couple layout and font iterations, I settled on this.


Looks amazing! Very well done.


Love your selection of material for this … and really like your engraving with their names. Lovely!

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Really like how the image looks like a tree at first glance

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Fabulous Font Choice!!!

And, Perfect Execution!!!

Hard to beat a live edge piece of wood too!!!

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I wish I could say that was my intent, so that it represents the ever growing love of a marriage…but alas it was just luck.

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Oh WOW!!! I am getting married in about 2 months and I am definitely going to try to make this. Looks AWESOME!!!

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