Wedding Gift Ideas?

Hey everyone! We have 2 weddings coming up and now that I’m able to create a beautiful, personalized gift for the couples, I’m kind of at a loss!
Does anyone have any beautiful, maybe layered and special ideas for wedding gifts?
I’d love to buy your file! :two_hearts::pray:

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Ah, inspiration is sometimes hard to find, I hear ya there.

I bet you’ve searched the forum in the free files section, but if not, give it a whirl. Try searching “wedding gift” and you’ll see all kinds of ideas.

As for where to buy files:

There’s a shop link right up at the top…? All kinds of files for sale in there.

And of course Etsy has literally thousands of files of every type. Just search for “wedding gift svg” etc.


An easy design is having the couple’s names and the year they get married. Like

John & Jane
---- EST. 2021-----

Pick a fancy and readable text, center it, and engrave on something you buy, such as a cutting board or my favorite, an “industrious” susan :wink: from IKEA: SNUDDA Lazy Susan, solid wood, 15" - IKEA This fit in the Glowforge, but it is a bit tricky to engrave the way I did it:


Which are you wanting, ideas for wedding gifts, or files you can buy to make wedding gifts?

Here is a link from Glowforge that might give you some ideas too:


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